33 good reasons

for a cooperation with WALE

We set high standards. And we treat your projects as our own. That‘s why you can always expect 100% from us.

Because we concentrate on our core competences:

• Aluminium Extrusion
• Machining
• Surface treatment
• Assemblies
• Castings
• Product development

you have relevant expertise at your disposal at all times.

It‘s not a question of ‚whether‘ but ‚how‘ we can approach the problem together and find an optimum solution.

You don‘t have to come to us, we‘ll come to you. To save you time and money.

Together with your colleagues from the purchasing department, we will analyse the current situation and determine the potential for saving you money.

From the identified potentials, we derive the qualification requirements and develop a tailor-made, implementation-active conversion concept.

We won‘t leave you to fend for yourself during the implementation phase, either the specified time and quality objectives are proactively monitored and managed.

Most products differ in terms of their requirements. They therefore need their own individual production and delivery structures.

A fast product launch creates competitive advantages, because at first the highest margins can be achieved. With WALE you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Do you support the notion of‚ buying European‘? We like that. WALE produces mostly in the EU.

If a project becomes difficult to manage, costs can soon spiral out of control. Involve us in your projects at an early stage. Our expertise will help you shorten your project planning phases considerably.

We believe in forming mutually beneficial partnerships that last for years. After all, the more familiar we are with the requirements of our partners, the better we are able to meet their needs, wishes and criteria. This saves time and trouble, and enables us to work together more effectively.

A competent member of the WALE team is always on hand to provide you with quick assistance.

As an owner-managed business with a flat hierarchy, we are able to make quick decisions.

With WALE, you have a single point of contact to assist you with all things aluminium. In addition, we optimise your projects and take care of the production, packaging and logistics for you.

Providing you with personal service is one of our main priorities. Only by using the individual strengths of each employee can we ensure the best results and the maximum benefit.

Your personal contact person is always on hand to answer your questions and deal with any issues. They are always abreast of the latest developments and are involved in your project in an optimum way. This saves you time and resources.

You will be working with a team that is passionate about its work – and about achieving its results and objectives. Our enthusiasm is guaranteed to rub off on you, too.

Quality does not happen on its own but, rather, is the result of well-oiled business processes. You are in good hands with WALE, as we always agree the need for action, the requirements, the feasibility and the budget with you in advance in order to achieve the best results.

Benefit from our aluminium expertise as early as the planning and design phase. After all, cost optimisation starts before the product is even born.

External expertise can inject fresh impetus into a company. At WALE, we develop industry-specific solutions and systems for our customers, including custom solutions.

We optimise packaging and logistics solutions so that your products arrive at the right place, at the right time, and always in the desired quality.

You always have an overview of the content that we create together.

You decide where you would like us to work – we‘ll be there wherever you need us.

The only thing constant in life is change. In most industries, the markets, participants, materials and rules are changing all the time. To ensure ongoing success, you need competent consultants who can provide that all-important outside perspective.

You benefit from a team of experts with decades of professional experience in the industry. A team that keeps on learning with each new project. Because we believe that this is the only way to provide top-quality advice.

Benefit from the latest technology, such as 3D printing for prototypes.

We‘ll also be happy to arrange small volumes for you (e.g. for building prototypes).

Our production network can also handle medium-sized and large volumes, of course.

Modern solutions, progressive production systems and external expertise can accelerate your success. We help you to think outside the ‚aluminium box‘.

• No political risk
• No currency risk
• No pre-financing
• Manageable storage costs
• Short delivery-time
• No unexpected delivery delays

We always put customer requirements first. That‘s why we don‘t limit ourselves to our own production possibilities. We develop tailor-made concepts, which we order at the optimated places inside our production network.

It‘s not enough if our customers are merely satisfied – we want to go one step further and impress them. We will be happy to discuss some reference projects with you in person.


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