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Extrusion Profiles

The extrusion of aluminium is a complex topic that starts with the production of the extrusion tools from tool steel. The opening, which will correspond to the cross-section of the profile to be pressed, is created by wire erosion.

Profiles are divided into two main groups – solid profiles and hollow profiles. Solid profiles are produced using a one-piece tool, while a tool made up of several parts is used to produce hollow profiles – the “mandrel”, which forms the hollow space of the profile, is attached to a bridge over which the aluminium splits during the pressing process, with the outer part of the tool shaping the outer contour of the profile. The possibilities for producing different profiles are nearly limitless.

Standardisation in the EU is provided by CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation. The standards drawn up by this institute are gradually replacing existing national standards. In discussions between customers and suppliers, it is therefore essential to agree on standards and the associated tolerances.

WALE Systems offers you a wide range of technologies and systems, which means that almost any design can be realised – from micro profiles (from 18 g/rm) to large profile cross-sections (up to about 4,000 g/rm), wall thicknesses from 0.5mm or precision profiles with tight tolerances.


In mechanical machining, workpieces are shaped into the desired form by milling, turning or drilling, for example.

In milling, rotating tools are generally used to remove the material, whereas in turning, a rotating workpiece is machined by a stationary tool.

The mechanical processing of metals often depends on special processes that require high cutting speeds to be achieved, for example using special cooling methods to prevent overheating and the associated deformation of the workpiece.

Automated processing with CNC machines is used to ensure production efficiency and the consistent quality of the workpieces.

Sheet contstruction

Sheet metal production is another important method for manufacturing metal components. Here, sheet metal such as aluminium or steel is formed into the desired shape using various manufacturing processes such as punching, edging, laser cutting or bending.

This production method is very precise, making it ideal for creating complex shapes and designs used in areas such as aviation, air conditioning and energy technology, appliance manufacturing and the automotive industry.

The quality of the material is fundamental in sheet metal production – production processes must be carefully considered and planned, and production must then be carried out accordingly to ensure that the material is not damaged and that the product meets the desired specifications.

Competent WALE project managers personally accompany your project from the quotation phase to delivery, to ensure you always have open communication and thus reduce risks to a minimum.

Casting and forged parts

The quality of cast and forged parts is essential for further machining and processing. Drawing-compliant, quality-tested workpieces are vital for guaranteeing the reliability, safety and functionality of the end product. Many factors can have an impact on quality in production – the selection of the most suitable alloy, optimised production processes and the accompanying quality processes and final inspections. WALE Systems not only supplies you with individual components, but also offers you the option of using a wide range of connection technologies such as bonding, screwing or welding to produce both prefabricated as well as complete assemblies.


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